10 Year Credit Redemption: Key Points to Remember

If you want to significantly reduce the amount of your monthly payments, the 10-year credit redemption is for you. This period is sufficient to spread the repayment over the long term. A 120-month contract offers several benefits to the borrower. The lender also benefits from this financial agreement, while asking for better?

Who is a 120 month credit group for?


In concrete terms, a 10-year credit redemption is a financial transaction that consists of consolidating into one debt all outstanding debts. This offer includes consumer loans, bank overdrafts and other types of loans and unpaid loans. The grouping still remains subject to some conditions. In particular, the borrower must have a stable source of income. Presenting an employment contract of indefinite duration may help. Temporary employees, civil servants and self-employed persons will also be able to benefit from a 120-month credit redemption.

What are the benefits for a 10-year credit redemption?

What are the benefits for a 10-year credit redemption?

Grouping one’s debts in order to honor them over the long term offers many advantages. This system reduces the family budget over a fairly long period. In a dozen years, the borrower can realize an economy. Indeed, it will pay a lighter monthly payment with a single deadline. In general, the debts must not take more than a third of the income. If liabilities exceed this proportion, the 10-year repurchase of credit reduces it to a more pleasant proportion. The gain in purchasing power will be felt quickly.

Some peculiarities to master


A 10-year credit buyback is long-lasting. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to think about it before signing. In addition, it would be better to use an online simulator to know the details of the operation. The simulation of a financial restructuring is usually free. The numbers are obtained instantly and without the help of a counselor. However, it would be advisable to seek the support of a credit broker.