Customer Information

The primary objective of JKN Vermögensberatung Kft. And its agent for intermediary activities is to achieve customer satisfaction, which is a prerequisite for our full compliance with our statutory information obligations and for our clients to make responsible decisions with this information.

Our obligation to provide information on the one hand, on the one hand, is the Act LXXXVIII. (hereinafter: Bit.), on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the CCXXXVII of 2013 on Credit Institutions and Financial Enterprises. Based on the provisions of Section 70 of the Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act), the following shall be brought to the attention of our Dear Customer.

The Supervisory Authority of JKN


The data of the JKN and the natural person performing the mediation are listed in the LNM’s register of insurance intermediaries of the supervisory authority and in the register of money market intermediaries, and the register can be checked on the LNM’s website: market players / searchers / directors) in such a way that the JKN and the entity it entrusts to it and the natural person carrying out the activity must be active.

JKN has no qualified influence in an insurance company whose products it distributes. An JKN does not have a qualifying influence on an insurer or parent company whose products it transmits.

The Client is entitled to complain with the JKN or with the intermediary entity/natural person


Complaints made directly to JKN will be processed in accordance with our complaint handling policy. In addition, the Financial Arbitration Board and the competent court are entitled to adjudicate on the complaint – subject to the conditions set forth in the relevant legislation and the Complaint Management Rules. Detailed information on the possibility of complaint and complaint handling is provided in JKN’s Complaint Management Policy.


Intermediary’s Activity


The insurer is obliged to assume responsibility for the damage caused by JKN’s activities or omissions in the course of its activity or omission. As a result of the money market intermediary’s activity towards the client, JKN itself is an independent money market intermediary.

JKN, as a multiple agent, mediates at the same time, on the basis of its legal relationship with several insurers, their competing products. Our company has the right to distribute the insurance products.

The JKN or the entity acting on its behalf and the natural person may not charge the Client a fee or fee for the intermediation of the financial service or insurance product, shall not be entitled to collect any fees, receive or manage cash, and may receive an intermediary fee for the intermediation of financial services only from the principal.

The JKN and the merchant may not transfer the amount due from the insurer to the customer in advance.


JKN does not have the right of representation on the basis of its agreement with insurers, it only carries out insurance brokerage activities and is not entitled to conclude the insurance contract on behalf of the insurer.