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Only a few years ago, when payday loans were just entering the Polish market, the possibility of quickly obtaining a small amount of money without leaving home and unnecessary formalities with the option of repayment within 30 days seemed an attractive proposition. Over time, it turned out that a month is too short for some borrowers. Loan companies have begun to propose an extension of the repayment date for any or a specific period, with an additional fee. Usually, the option to extend the payback time is unlimited, which means that we can use this option whenever we are unable to pay the loan. However, we do not have to pay extra for payday pay. We also do not have to borrow for several months or even years by taking out an installment loan. The solution is 45-day loans. On the Polish non-bank market we will find two offers – one for new and the other for regular customers.

Search real guaranteed loans bad credit no fee

You may view Bridge site because they offer to customers a real guaranteed loan bad credit no fee. The payday pay offer for more than 30 days is directed at women – it is to help finance their smaller and larger consumption needs. If this is our first loan, then we can apply for a maximum of PLN 1,400. Paying the payday opens the way for us to higher amounts – we can borrow up to PLN 3,500. What do we have to do to get money from porfel? You must be at least 23 years old but not more than 65 years old and have a bank account.

The longest payday only on the third application

The longest payday only on the third application

Payday loans for more than 30 days are also granted by Lus Loan. However, the option of taking out a loan for 45 days is only possible after repayment of two loans. Then we can get up to PLN 1,500 – the highest amount, i.e. PLN 4,000, can be applied for the sixth and subsequent payday without bikes. The 45-day loan is granted to people who meet several conditions. It is necessary to be at least 21 years old, no negative entries in the debtors’ registers and to have a stable income.

Payday for 60 days offers payday pay up to PLN 750 for 60 days. The total cost of the loan is only PLN 10. The offer is only valid for the first payday loan and is almost a free loan. In Vibaloan Bank products we will receive payday payday up to PLN 1,500 for 60 days only when taking another loan. With the first payday loan, we can count on PLN 1,500 for 30 days for free!