Portraits Of The Finance Blog Winners

It was the first competition I participated in with my Blog Finanztrader.com and never dared hope to reach the top of the list – after all, FFI Credit is the largest and most respected provider in the German small loan market. So I was equally overwhelmed and delighted when the news of the first place award in the FFI Credit competition for the 2010 Finance Blog of the Year lay in my email inbox.

I would like to thank the jury for the decision in the first place and FFI Credit for the opportunity to participate in this competition. But a very special thanks goes to the large number of readers, fans and other supporters of the blog for their votes!.


Transparency and honesty

credit loan

I use my blog as a kind of trading diary: Visitors to the blog can follow my abandoned orders live and in color and make similar decisions if they find my arguments and decisions plausible. Of course I can not shine with exorbitant returns, just as I have a deposit of several hundred thousand euros available. Instead, the concept convinces around 200 visitors daily with honesty and transparency: Nobody has to register or charge fees on Finanztrader.com – my tips, assessments and experiences are fully available to you and allow every visitor of the blog, the history Trace my trading diary seamlessly.


Clearly defined goals

credit loan

In doing so, I have clearly defined my goals for the future: Like every trader, I want to expand the value of the deposit, study the financial market intensively and share my experience through all the ups and downs with others via the blog. Currently the revision of the page is planned, especially the layout. The new version will be even more interesting and clearer, the user gets a better overview of my positions. In addition, there will be the opportunity to actively participate as a user in the selection of the equity portfolio. Here I was inspired by the voting process of the FFI Credit competition.

The participation in the competition and the award of the main prize I understand as recognition and confirmation of my work. Of course, this motivates me to do my best in the future too!